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If It's in German, You Have to Yell

I gave my opinion
one of my own
then you take it, and break it
mold it for your own

now the gavel strikes down
what have i become?
a ghost in the night
of a prison sun

tell all your friends i'll be back again
with ideas you hoped you'd win
not a time or a place could keep it from me
now you're falling down towards an empty sea

your threats, meaningless
what was i to do?
you shook my world
so i got you

ten times worse then you thought to get me
that's what you get when you just have greed

to feast on, feast on every waking hour
i don't know about you, but i think it's time i

hit the road
here i go

i don't wanna see your face ever again

how is life in a cell?
you can't wait to break free
all that time wasted
how can this be?

you and i switched places
so intricately
i stood so tall you fell to your knees

on your knees begging please
for some forgiveness
sorry i'm not sorry
this is the way it is

i won't be coming around

so this is where we go our ways
i never thought i would see this day
with you and i here and this empty room
a table between us, a table for two

don't you come back 'til my reflection's clear
shattered and broken, nobody's near

i don't wanna see my face ever again

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