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talk again
say these thing you think that i should hear
these prophetic verses
filled with nothing but curses
speak to me
tell me what you think i ought to hear
you're spewing your lies
and all your alibis
i just can't take take take take take it anymore

jumping out windows
with failed parachutes
i don't know what to expect but in the end
i know i got to you

rose pedals
formed from fingertips
your opiates
are diluted from the tears

speaking nonsense
empty words, i've lost them
diving back in my mind when they reach the tip of my tongue

cuddle now
this fire spreads like there isn't an end in sight
burned down
you wear me down, but i'm already worn out
this chemistry fueled by kerosene
we'll set the world on fire with just one breath

golden tears
take me away
take me home
i feel alone

i want to forget you
move on with my life
set my goals within my sights
accept the truth

it's not what i wanted
your face is haunting
my every step echoes this empty house

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