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your voice fills all the cracks in the floorboards of this house
and i'm left looking out the windowpane
thinking of what i should do now
the floors creak and leak your screams
and all i want to do is shout
and the droplets of rain racing away
gravity feels so damn proud

as i fall through the floor
you fill my ears with empty promises
and i land inside an empty grave
built for two

i just wish that i could see your face again

water splashes on my face
it's all i can do just to dull the pain
from the nightmares and restless nights
i can still feel your breath on my tired eyes

can you tell how scared i am?
because i've grown numb from all the memories
can you tell i've done all i can?
i just want sleep but you haunt all my dreams

i can't take this, please
won't you let me be?
i'm not sure where to go from here
but i won't move my feet

the cold wind brushes on my neck
as i step outside hoping to forget
why i let you down and left you down
in a box i cannot see

(wrote 10.25.13)

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