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i'm walking on a tightrope
it's fraying, and one fray leads me home
it's something i don't know
directions are the biggest assholes ever

one thousand feet above
solid ground i want to settle on
but once i'm back on earth
i know i'll just want to be back where i am right now 

in this moment, i'm myself
in this moment, i'm serene
i'm halfway between my fears and dreams

confidence, could you kill me?
take your needle straight to bone
and when i wake up in two months
will you take me home?

i never know my fears
at least until i confront them
and every waking hour of every day
i want to follow them

so i can grasp who i am
and get to know who i want to be
i've spent four years up in the clouds
i've lost all knowledge of being on the ground

because in this moment, i'm not me
in this moment, my reflection would be a stranger
telling me all the things i cannot do
just because that's who i used to be

you can't run from your past
and i can't let this moment pass
just take a breath, and take a step
and you'll find your own way back

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