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Rich (feat. August Alsina) Lyrics - Kirko Bangz

[Verse 1 - August Alsina:]

Am I wrong for wanting better?
Should I just settle forever?
Oooh, I swear it feels like
This is as good as it gets
Am I wrong for wanting cheddar?
Although they’ll tell you that I’ll never
Get out of here, I swear, I'm
Driven by a better life

[Hook - August Alsina:]

I wanna be rich
Don’t see nothing wrong with wanting more
I wanna be rich
So tired of sleeping on the floor
I wanna be rich
There’s so much that I want
I want a house on the hill and a boat by the lake
And most of all I wanna get paid
I wanna be rich

[Verse 2 - Kirko Bangz:]

I'm sick and tired of this bullshit
Got a full time job, but a nigga still can’t afford shit
Okay, I'm in the strip club, man, throwing all this dough, this dough
When I leave here I ain’t gon' have no more, god damn
I'm tired of fronting for these fake niggas
Need a diamond chain to be great, nigga
I got one, but I ain’t great, nigga
What it takes, oh yeah, for the rap game to notice me, oh yeah
I topped the charts for nine weeks, but they still ain’t notice me
Guess I gotta rob me a nigga, guess I gotta kill me a nigga
Guess I gotta get up on the block, sell rocks to a nigga
Guess I gotta slide me a nigga, but that ain’t me, yeah
I’m H-town ‘til I D-I-E
Young Kirko, you know it’s me
And I’m singing like, hold up
I came down
I was a young nigga when I rolled up
I came too fast for my money up
All I did was smoke and drink, yeah
Now I’m back here, this ain't last year
And I’mma do it like it’s my last year
Man, I can’t lie, I wanna be rich


[Verse 3 - Kirko Bangz:]

Man, I’m tired of feeling pain, tired of feeling rain
Tired of being ashamed, tired of second place
Tired of hiding my face, man, I’m tired of getting no love
Tired of hitting the club when I know I got work to do
How come I ain’t heard from you? God damn
Okay, I see how you doing when a nigga got money
Nigga rocking that fly shit
Popping bottles in the club
Everybody in the club straight sipping on my shit
Pushing that Range, diamonds and the chains
Everybody came when I had shit
But when the money get low everybody go talking that fly shit
But I can't knock how the game is
Ain’t the first nigga that’s famous
I can’t change shit, but I’mma be okay
Cause man I’ve been out here, I’ve been grinding
I’m tired of these niggas, man, I’ve been too silent
My momma she told me “you claiming you got it” and I’m like okay
I’mma do it for my city, I’mma be on top, okay
I'mma shine on these ho ass niggas like all day
I'mma fuck any girl I want, drive every car you don't
Rock anything I want, man, I wanna be rich


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